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OUR mission is to make YOUR mission a success

At PCG, we believe that your unique footprint must be heard and understood before our methodology can be put to work. Our process focuses on listening and learning, assessing, and THEN executing. We believe in getting to the root of your organization's problems, working alongside you to correct them, and then get you on a pathway to continued success. Our approach focuses on three key areas, but we tailor our services to meet each client's specific needs.  

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Capacity deals with how well we are accomplishing our mission. 


Do you feel like you keep hiring people to achieve more, but you find yourself running in the same circle unable to advance or grow your mission?


 Do you want to add a new program or activity, but you do not have the internal capacity to accomplish your vision?


PCG has created entire departments for organizations, while also building out a plan for transition back to in-house operations once complete.


Process is your organization's established steps to accomplish your day-to-day work, and this often directly impacts the overall health of your organization.

Process analysis is the close and often over-looked partner of capacity. Organizations often think that people just need to be better at their jobs to accomplish more. Or perhaps you think bringing in better talent will equal a more effective team.


While knowledge and talent are important, they can be rendered ineffective by poor internal processes. These inefficiencies often create hostile work environments that ultimately inhibit the accomplishment of your organization's mission.

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Fundraising allows you to fulfill your organization's mission.


In today's fundraising environment, organizations have to be agile and diverse in their asks. Keeping up with current trends, getting your message out there, and staying relevant can challenge even the most experienced teams.


Whether you want to identify and understand your constituents better, train your team on direct asks, or outsource your grant writing, PCG has supported and advised organizations on all aspects of successful fundraising in today's environment.


PCG can help ensure you are exhausting all your options.

Experience the power of good advice - Contact PCG for a Complimentary Consultation today!

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